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ericarae 06-11-06 05:56 PM

Video Editing
I may have a bit of a problem. I purchaced a Dazzle off amazon and the video is highly distorted. My theory is the dazzle is analog and i have a mini DV camera. Could this be it, or could it be the fact that my computer is crappy? If it's the crappy computer that would be fab as I want an excuse to purchace a new one, on the other hand if it's the dazzle that'll be frustrating because It's the 3rd video card type item i've purchaced and has been a no go. Any of your expertise would be super.

Mr. Salty 06-11-06 06:01 PM

If you have a MiniDV camcorder, why would you be using a Dazzle at all? Aren't they for capturing analog video sources? You should be going straight from your camcorder into the computer, with no bridging device necessary.

If your computer doesn't have a Firewire input, you can buy a Firewire card for about $20.

ericarae 06-11-06 07:47 PM

I went to school for broadcasting and did a lot of editing there, except I didn't bother to find out how we captured it. So I bought a new dazzle off of Ebay and it was advertised that it could capture audio/video so I got it having not done any research. After capturing some video it occured to me that yeah, it's probably for analog. And thanks for kinda confirming that. My computer surely doesn't have a firewire input but I'm thinking that's my next step after I get an upgraded internal/external hard drive. or hopefully a new computer. Thanks for your help :)

Mr. Salty 06-11-06 08:50 PM

You're welcome. Firewire cards are cheap and easy to install in any available PCI slot. It'll take you a trip to Best Buy (or an order from Newegg.com) and about five minutes to install.

ANDREMIKE 06-13-06 11:46 AM

Just go buy a good video editing program. I highly recommend Sony's Vegas movie studio


ngp 06-15-06 05:18 AM

On a related note....I'm doing the same type of movie capture from Mini DV...would it help to have a dedicated video card for video editing home movies or is that not neccessary? I was looking to get this card for $70 after rebate...


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