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Ergyu 06-05-06 09:52 PM

control PC remotely with mac?
Does anyone know if it's possible to control my home pc from my macbook pro remotely. I'm kind of doubting it.

lxl 06-05-06 09:53 PM

Yes, install VNC server at home pc, and use VNC client on macbook to remotely control.

Ergyu 06-06-06 05:46 AM

Do you have any suggestions on a free version or versions I might want to try? I remember RealVNC and just searched and found a boatload of different versions, but I didn't see anything about controlling a windows pc from mac OSX.

Chew 06-06-06 05:57 AM

I use Logmein.com (the free version) and they claim a Mac version will be forthcoming.

Is LogMeIn compatible with Macs or the Linux operating system?

LogMeIn is currently not a compatible download for a Target PC that uses the Linux or Mac operating system. However, you can use a local Mac or PC that runs Linux to access a Target PC that runs Windows.

Note: Some Linux machines have incompatible Java installations and you may encounter some problems with remote control and file transfer. To make sure you get the best experience, please make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your machine. If you require more help, please contact LogMeIn support.

There is a temporary problem with accessing LogMeIn target PCs from Macs that can block the use of remote control and file transfer. We are currently working on this issue and will be offering a fix very soon.

It's said that for at least 2 months now, "very soon" apparently means something different on their end.

feenst 06-06-06 03:15 PM

Try Microsoft Remote Desktop if you're running Windows XP.

kms_md 06-06-06 04:30 PM

osxvnc works fine from the mac end. real vnc or ultra vnc should work fine from the xp end.

Cardiff Giant11 06-06-06 04:46 PM

Originally Posted by feenst
Try Microsoft Remote Desktop if you're running Windows XP.

agreed, i used to use this in college when my friend would come over and want to get something off his computer that he didn't have shared. Worked perfectly on our Campus LAN on my G4 tower.

kms_md 06-06-06 05:52 PM

Originally Posted by feenst
Try Microsoft Remote Desktop if you're running Windows XP.

good suggestion. i had forgotten about this. i used to use it all the time.

mikehunt 06-06-06 08:28 PM

in either case, change the port to something way different from the default, just as an added security measure against script kiddies

Ergyu 06-07-06 03:55 AM

Cool, thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll try some of these soon.

Ergyu 06-07-06 04:33 AM

I forgot to mention I'm trying to access this computer from another network, as in over the web. Is this still possible?

mikehunt 06-07-06 05:59 PM

should be, you'll just have to know the ip address

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