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Rogue588 05-29-06 12:45 PM

So...why is my 80g Maxtor HD telling me it's 81.9g...?
I've had an 80g Maxtor HD 6Y080P0 as my boot drive for close to four years. Recently, when i'd start up my desktop, i'd get an error message telling me that my drive was operating outside specifications and to run some Dell application blah, blah, blah..

Yesterday, I kept getting "delayed write errors" so I decided to (once again) format the HD and do yet another clean install of XP. I downloaded Maxtor's Maxblast 4 and erased the HD overnight. When I go to format the drive, it's telling me that it's 81.9g. That's wrong.


How can I fix that? If I install XP on the drive, I know i'll keep getting that error message and I really don't want to go through this shit again.

Dirk 05-29-06 01:09 PM

Have you tried running their PowerMax diagnostics against the drive, to see if there's something actually wrong with it?

Rogue588 05-29-06 01:51 PM

It just got done certifying that my drive was "error free"!! -ohbfrank-

X 05-29-06 02:02 PM

Delayed write errors are not usually caused by the drive having bad sectors and needing reformatting. I would suspect the cable or an IDE chipset driver first.

Rogue588 05-29-06 02:40 PM

The "delayed write error" thingie wasn't the sole reason I was wiping and doing a clean install. I got tired of seeing that error message about the HD operating outside normal specifications.

And micro$oft says if it's not the cable or BIOS, then you have to turn off the "enable write caching on the disk". Some people on a forum that google directed me to, thought it had something to do with ATI. Coincidently, I have an ATI AIW card.

But, of course, first I wanna figure out how to get my HD back down to a normal capacity..

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