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Mok 05-24-06 01:19 PM

Gmail notifier
Is there anyway to keep your password and user name stored in Gmail notifier. Every-time I start the computer up I have to renter all my info, even though I check save info. I am running windows xp sp2 as administrator, with a FireFox browser set as my default.

68ShelbyGT500KR 05-24-06 09:01 PM

Are you using the Windows application or the Extension within the browser?? What version are you using if it is the browser extension? Update it to the currect version

You may also want to visit http://extensions.nexgenmedia.net/
If you are using the current version, try removing/deleting the chrome://gm-notifier/

lxl 05-25-06 01:34 AM

If you are using firefox, try Gmail Manager extension:

AGuyNamedMike 05-25-06 07:59 AM

another :up: for Gmail Manager extension.

Mok 05-25-06 01:09 PM

ok guys thanks I was using the offical gmail notifier, I will try the firefox extension.

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