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Alan Smithee 05-21-06 11:33 PM

Can't get to CD-ROM material on Enhanced CDs
I'm mostly computer illiterate so I apologize in advance for sounding stupid. I have 2 DVD-ROM drives which seem to read everything fine, but when I put in an "Enhanced CD" or "CD Extra" disc (a music CD which has computer files on the same disc, usually along the outer part after the music) I can't get to the extra content on it. When I open the drive under "My Computer", it lists all the audio tracks as .cda but no mention of the CD-ROM stuff on it. If I put in a CD-ROM with no audio content it will show the files on that, and any ROM files on a DVD, but on these "Enhanced CDs" it seems to only see the audio part. I have the "CD Speed" program which checks things on your drives, and with that open it identified the disc as a "CD Extra", but again gave me no clue on how to access the extra material. I'm guessing the problem is somewhere in the way I have my computer set up. Anyone have any ideas? I'll be grateful for any answers!

eedoon 05-22-06 09:52 AM

As far as I know, Enhanced CDs have two or more session in one platter. It just like a multisession CD but in this case one session is for CD Audio, the other is for the data.

I had a Sony CD-RW drive a few years ago, and the software that came with it allows you to install a custom context menu to select session on a CD. I don't know where you can get this kind of software nowadays, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

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