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skiblet 05-15-06 05:09 AM

WIN XP ? - how do you make a folder private, NOT on C drive ?
If I have several external USB drives hooked up to my computer, and want to make the contents private and only accessilbe through my account, and not the guest account, how do i do that???

When i go to check the properties of said folder, and then check sharing, the box is grayed out for making it private-


Can i only do this on the C drive? if so, that seems like quite a limitation - can anyone help me ?

davidoflondon 05-15-06 05:46 AM

There are security packages that will do what you're asking for but most of them could be bypassed just by transferring the drive to another machine.

The only way to ensure files on external drives are secure is to use encryption software.

You don't mention in your post whether you want to do this just to prevent accidents or are actually concerned about security.

The solution would be different, and also there are different possibilities depending on whether your concerns are just about corrupting/modifying data or whether you're worried about people reading data as well.

To be more specific in the answer it would be useful to know

1. Whether the concerns include reading data or just changing it

2. Whether these external drives are meant to be moved to other systems and whether you'll have control of the software on those systems as well (essential if you're going to have encryption software)

3. Whether there are performance/disk space concerns. Any encryption/security software will take up space and impact performance. This should be marginal impact but if there is limited availability it may need to be taken into account.

4. Are the protected files to only be made available to one person, or will other people need to see them. Particularly will system managers need override access. A lot of encryption systems that are password protected won't be accessible without the password so if the individual left the company and didn't pass on the password the files wouldn't be accessible.

4KRG 05-15-06 08:45 AM

How secure do you want it?

There is really nothing you can do in XP that is "secure" :D

You can make it harder for other users to access your files, but you would have to make sure all your drives were formatted with NTFS and that NONE of the other users on the machine had admin rights.

Personally, what I do when there is info I don't want anyone else to see, I encrypt it.

Here is a FREE, and cool utility that can handle the job correctly


It requires a little effort to setup, but when you are done, all of your data will be in an encrypted file that then mounts as it's own drive letter when you want to use it.

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