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phatboy 05-05-06 08:36 AM

Is There Such Thing As Free Internet
I know back in the day I read/heard about sites that let you use them as a free provider or something. But now I bleieve most companies charge 9.95 per month but I was just wondering if there still are totally free places to get internet hookups.

lxl 05-05-06 02:40 PM

netzero.com still has 10 hours per month free internet access:

mikehunt 05-05-06 07:13 PM

the laundramat I go to has free wireless
there are a couple houses that might be in range to pick it up

Mopower 05-05-06 08:12 PM

Get a job at a service provider. That's how I got free internet, and cable TV and phone. :)

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