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Thunderball 05-02-06 01:33 PM

What kind of video card should I get?
Ok, here's the deal. I'm a gamer of the console sort by nature. However the recent influx of $500 systems and $60-$70 console games makes me sick. I just can't justify the cost of all those games for the limited amount of stuff on them anymore.

I started getting into PC gaming a bit with my last PC, but its specs were not up to date with the "new games" and I could only play the older games. I got a new PC with the last Dell sale they had (40% off coupon with free shipping) so this is my currenty system.

Dell e510
3.4GHz Pentium 4 with HT Dual Core
3GB of RAM( I added a 2GB set from NewEgg this morning)
256MB ATi x600 video card

If you need any other specs, let me know.

the video card runs games pretty smoothly, but it does CHUG when a lot is going on, on screen , most notably in Oblivion. It runs most other games at "HIGH" settings with minor chugging here and there. The games always "auto detect" to 0 anti aliasing, and low on reflections and things of that nature.

So is it worth my while to upgrade to a higher video card now, or wait til the next batch comes out, and grab one of the current gen then?

Corvin 05-02-06 08:46 PM

You should know that Oblivion is probably the most demanding PC game out right now. It taxes even the latest video cards---even in SLI or Crossfire. So if this is the game that's making you want to upgrade, know that nothing in this generation (from ATI or Nvidia) will be a panacea, especially if you can only run one card.

I can't tell you whether or not you should upgrade, but I'll throw some relevant information out there for you and let you decide.

Microsoft is going to release Vista sometime early next year. With Vista comes DirectX 10, and I assume that we'll be seeing both new games written with DirectX 10 in mind and video cards that can take advantage of DirectX10. If you don't plan on upgrading from XP to Vista, I don't think it's going to be possible for you to buy into the next generation of video cards.

Whatever you decide to do, as a Dell owner you should be mindful of the system's power supply. I'm not sure what kind of power supply Dell included in your system, and I'm not quite sure what the x600 requires, but buying a new video card might also require a more powerful power supply.

Anyway, these are just some casual thoughts by a casual PC gamer. There are much more knowledgeable people at this board, though, so hopefully they'll give you their two cents and correct errors I might have made.

gcribbs 05-02-06 09:02 PM



I might go for a 7600GT. The problem mentioned is going to be with your power supply. It may or may not work.


Thunderball 05-03-06 03:00 AM

Hmm, I guess it is kind of sad that I'm considering spending all that money just to play Oblivion, I had no idea that the game was THAT taxing on the computer. I'm pretty happy with the performance I'm getting then.

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