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should I get a LCD tv?

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should I get a LCD tv?

Old 04-04-06, 07:48 PM
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should I get a LCD tv?

Is it pointless to spend ~ $2000 on a LCD TV if I'm going to be watching mostly regular cable? I'll be hooking up the coaxial cable from the wall straight to the tv. I won't be subscribing to HDTV service, but I'll be getting a LCD with a built-in HDTV tuner so I should be getting whatever free tv shows that are broadcasted through my cable company (comcast)

I'm looking to get a new tv since I don't have one and while the CRTs are nice and cheap, I can't but help look at the flat panel displays and wish I had one. Sure they look great with HDTV, but how are they with standard non-HDTV signals like regular cable? Every showroom I've been to has HDTV signals so I'm unable to see for myself.

The things that appeal to me the most is probably the resolution (but only if I'm going to be watching HDTV), and aesthetic appeal. Let's face it, flat panel displays just look cool sitting in your home. I plan to get a progressive scan DVD player so for that reason alone, it seems that LCDs have the advantage over CRTs. Am I right?

Does anyone have any experience with watching non-HDTV on LCD tvs?
Old 04-05-06, 12:14 PM
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WOw, that is a loaded question. Iwill attempt to give you my opinion on some oparts of the question:

1. Depending on your cable,without a special box from the cable company you will gte zero HD content via cable. WIth a digital tuner built in you can pick up hdtv from local brodcastors. your milage will vary based on location.
2. Yes they do look cool sitting on your wall!
3. I did a lot of hands on research when I bought my LCD 2 months ago. Here is where things get tricky. At the store (in my expericne mainly BB, CC and cosco) all of the feeds to the LCD tvs are HD. you can easily compare HD quality on the diffrent displays. What you want to do is see SD content on the units.in my research, NO ONE could hook up an SD signal to a LCD tv. I had to bring in a crappy portable DVD player that I would hook up via composit (single RCA) connection. This will give you a "known" sd source. I happend to use a few DVDs with varying quality for my tests. IN my case, a major studio release (The Incredibles) for my "good" video, a crappy kid moive transfer (Thomas the Tank Engine) for my "bad" video source. Now little DVD player is utter crap. The way I looked at it, the video signal was NEVER going to be worse that that palyer playing the kiddie movie. I did watch the movies via the portable on my current TV so I knew what is "should" look like. You will want to try to find 2 or three scenes to use as tests.. I had one with lots of motion (to test refresh rate) a transition from light to dark or back again, or both is best, and one that just has vibrant colors.
Armed with this I began my search....I was amazed at what i found. If you want to do this with no preconceptions, dont read on, if you want to know keep going:

1. I am in no way an audio/video phile, but i do like to pretend. I am one of those who uses the configurations then change them to suite, not leave them at the "exact" correct levels.

What I discovered is this. IN no way does brand or quality of HD reflect quality of SD!!!!
The most incredible for me was the Sharp Aquios. While it looks fantastic with the HD in the store, on all 3 size and models I tried with my SD signal, it looked absoulutly like CRAP. The SOny models performed pretty good, as well as a handful of off brand (for me) such as westinghous and vizio(sp).
I ended up getting a 32in Proview from COstco, mainly due to price, but really liked the panasonic 32in from costco for about $300 more. But by time you add in the cost of a wall mount ($150) and extra cables I needed I had to go for the cheaper model.

Hope this helps. When you are talking about investing $1000+ in something, its worth a little effort. As for not having a portable DVD for testing, borrow one, or ask to use a display from the store (i did this at BB at one point, but had to buy a 3ft RCA cable cause they did not have any open)
Good luck

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