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Doug H 03-31-06 07:45 AM

Adding DVD drive to dell dimension 2350
My 2350 has both optical drives occupied - cd-rom and cd-rw. I want to replace the cd-rom with a dvd-rw. I can't figure out how to get to the screws on the side opposite the cover to remove the existing drive. I'm stumped...

kiddk1 03-31-06 10:19 AM

either remove the opposite side cover or it does not have screws but "snaps" in place.

Doug H 03-31-06 12:06 PM

Only the one side comes off (by turning release knob in back and sliding side panel backwards). The rest of the case is riveted. Are you then saying I should be able to "unsnap" it by pulling straight backwards? Thanks.

kiddk1 03-31-06 06:57 PM

the snaps need to be pulled and then slide the drive out as you are pulling. The bay that holds the optical drive may also swing open as do some HP's. I would consult my manual or call dell before trying as you may break something.

Gambit 03-31-06 07:38 PM

Here, read this.


Doug H 03-31-06 11:32 PM

Eureka!! Thank you both very much for your help.

emoxley 04-01-06 09:08 AM

In case you didn't already know.......... the dvd-rw will also burn cds. :)

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