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buffotoad 02-27-06 11:26 AM

Is it OK to mix this memory?
I have a Dell 4600. It currently has Dell 2 x 256 mb memory with CAS 3. I am going to add Corsair 2 x 512 mb memory with CAS 2.5.

Should I keep them all, giving 1.5 gb, or should I ditch the CAS3?

If I should keep them all, which pair should be in the first slots?

Thanks for any help.

BigPete 02-27-06 11:48 AM

Ditch the old stuff ... Dells are very flaky with ram.

Or just install it and boot into memtest - check the speeds reported and let it run for a few hours. Remove the old stuff and run it again. if the same speeds appear and there are no errors, go ahead and use it.

Use the big stuff in the first slots.

kiddk1 02-27-06 12:07 PM

are the ddr speeds all the same? your issue here is that they will all run on the slower cas latency speed. if you have issues(blue screen) then ditch the old stuff. good luck

4KRG 02-27-06 01:21 PM

A Dell 4600 will only run at CAS 3 no matter what you do (short of programming your own BIOS).

Assuming both sets of RAM are the same speed (PC3200 or whatever) and/or the new ram meets the minimum speed (its' ok if the new ram is faster) they will be fine.

buffotoad 02-27-06 06:00 PM

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the new memory is the same in all respects except for CAS latency.

Thanks for all the help!

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