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deadlax 01-31-06 09:58 AM

Recommend me a new mp3 player
I bought my first mp3 player in the fall of 2002, an ipod 1G 5GB. It soldiered on for two years, but due to decreased battery performance, and hard drive failures, it needed to be replaced. It was replaced Christmas 2004 with a 4GB ipod mini, which is on its last legs. I currently get only about 35 minutes to a charge. It seems like the battery is running whether the player is on or off. I am now in the market for a new mp3 player.

1) I love the itunes interface.
2) Sound quality is an issue, and an important one.
3) Size is not an issue. I have over 140GB of music, so nothing will hold everything. I'd like a minimum of 2GB

What is the best mp3 player out there given these criteria?


darkside 01-31-06 10:10 AM

If iTunes is really important you will want to stick with an iPod. Have you checked to see how much a new battery would be for your mini?

Anyway, I would go with a 4GB nano (no hard drive problems ever) or an iPod video.

Josh H 01-31-06 12:52 PM

Yep, if you want the Itunes features, go with a Nano or the Video iPod.

If not, then I like the Creative Zen Touch Series. Nice looking design and great sound quality.

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