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sureAV421 01-27-06 02:05 PM

Creative Zen Vision: M
Seeing as my iPod is a POS, apparently along with many others I've decided to look for a new mp3 player. I came across this and it looks like it has everything i'd want(radio tuner, divx/xvid playback, voice recorder, etc)...except for size (only up to 30GB). Anyone have one and is a 60GB model ever coming? Also, anyone know who manufactures the HDD's?


Kal-El 01-27-06 04:38 PM

Funny you should ask this as I was researching them myself last night. I'm a Creative bitch so I wasn't even thinking of an iPod.

No idea who the manufacturer of the HD is.

darkside 01-27-06 06:04 PM

The Zen M is a really nice device. I'm unfortunately an iTunes junky so using an iPod is just easier for me. I definitely like what Creative has done with the M though.

look4sheep 01-27-06 07:27 PM

Could it be seagate? They were doing the 5gb Muvo ones for awhile.

sureAV421 01-27-06 07:58 PM

i hope, i love seagates. The toshiba in my 4G ipod crapped out after a year and they want almost 200 for a new one (for an effing 40gb hdd).

madcougar 02-14-06 03:54 PM

Bumpping this thread.

So anyone have any hands on opinions about the Zen Vision:M? I noticed it won the CNET 2006 CES award for best portable media player.

matome 02-14-06 03:56 PM

Wow, that is sweet looking. I'm still happy with my bricky 40GB Zen Xtra Jukebox though.

entitee 02-20-06 08:48 PM

i wish i could trade in my 5G ipod for this now.

hahn 02-20-06 09:31 PM

Have you thought of replacing the harddrive yourself? Newegg has 1.8inch harddrives made by Hitachi. Plus, they have a 2mb buffer instead of the 512kb buffer on the Toshiba drives (though Toshiba has a newer model now that has 2mb as well). Don't know what the interface is, but I assume it's standard ATA. Check around on Google. People have successfully done this. That is if you're still inclined to use an iPod and iTunes...

Kal-El 02-21-06 02:28 AM

I went to my local Cambridge Soundworks store but they didn't have them in stock yet. About a week or two more I was told. I was ready to buy it too.

Baron Of Hell 02-21-06 09:08 AM

Still thinking about buying this thing, but I found some good software to play movies on my palm so I might pass on it. Its a lot smaller than my current player, has video, and a bigger hardrive.

Numanoid 02-21-06 10:17 AM

That is sweet! Still using my Creative Nomad Zen Xtra, but that will be a serious contender for an upgrade. The personal organizer feature is a nice addition. Definitely needs a bigger HD, though.

deadlax 02-22-06 01:30 PM

Just took the Crutchfield plunge. Hopefully mine shows up relatively soon, and is not on backorder for long. $280 shipped. Cheaper than an ipod w/ student discount.

LuisL 02-22-06 06:00 PM

i have it and LOVE it. i got it just about a week ago. bought it off of walmart.com. i highly recommend it. it's easy to use, looks and sounds great.

matome 02-28-06 08:48 AM

I actually got the bug and was gonna pick this up. Couldn't find it available anywhere locally, but did see the Ipod Video on display and damn the 2 1/2" screen is tiny, even worse with letterboxed movies. I picked up the Zen Vision media player with the 4" screen for a few bucks more and I'm loving it. :up:

Kal-El 03-09-06 01:40 AM

Just bought it at J&R. $305.94 shipped. I saw a working demo at Best Buy earlier today and I was just sold on it. It was out of stock at all the local retailers so I just bit it and bought it online for much cheaper.

Shay 03-11-06 12:36 PM

Too bad 30 gigs is the largest capicity. I would replace my 40gig Zen Xtra.

deadlax 03-11-06 02:30 PM

i've had mine for almost a week. highly recommend an invisible shield for it, as the case options all suck right now.

lordzeppelin 03-11-06 03:03 PM

Originally Posted by Shay
Too bad 30 gigs is the largest capicity. I would replace my 40gig Zen Xtra.

Tell me about it. I have an iRiver H320 20gb player which I love, and I want more capacity from either Creative or iRiver...iRiver supposedly isn't going to make any hd-based players for a while, because of the dominant grip apple has on the market with the zombie like loyalty they have built up. the ZV:M is friggin nice...if they could make a slim 60 or 80gb version, I'd run to grab one.

Hey deadlax, how about a bag for it? http://www.aevoe.com/moshi/
I got one of their bags for my digital camera and iRiver, and I love it. It's great for times when you don't need the bulk of a case, and the thing basically cleans whatever you put in it...they're pricey for just a bag, but it's so worth it.

I use that bag when I don't have my silicone case on the iriver...I saw some on ebay with the OAD coating for the zen...

Kal-El 03-13-06 11:04 AM

How safe is it to buy from HK? The price is incredibly cheap but I'm not so sure how secure it is. Anybody know?

ZakVTA 03-13-06 11:11 AM

Depends on the site. I wouldn't do it most likely.

Josh H 01-30-07 11:59 AM

Wanted to bump this as I finally ordered one as you can get it from Buy.com from $159.99 after mail in rebate and a $15 coupon.

Great deal on a player I've had my eye on for quite a while.

I posted the details on the the deal in the hot deals forum if anyone else is interested.


I'll post some impressions in a week or two when I get it (free 7-10 day shipping).

Kal-El 01-30-07 12:55 PM

Have it for almost a year now and I've never had a problem with it. I'm actually watching Freaks & Geeks on it right now. :D

Tarantino 01-30-07 01:16 PM

I've gotten so many returns on this clunker at work and our display model always freezes up. No way I'd recommend it.

= J

Josh H 01-30-07 01:31 PM

That's odd, it's one of the highest rated players on the net. :shrug:

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