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Alien189 01-03-06 09:37 PM

Mac Mini, Airport, Bluetooth Question??
Hello Everyone! I got a mac mini for xmas and it came with the built in airport card and the built in bluetooth card. My question is.... what exactly can I use these cards for?? At this point all I know is I could get a printer that would work with one of these cards but not sure which one.

So if you guys and gals have any ideas on what I can use these wireless cards for please feel free to inform me! Sorry I am just not that computer skilled! :)

Thanks for any info!


TheBang 01-04-06 01:42 AM

Your Airport card pretty much has just one use. It is to hook you up to a wireless LAN network in your house. Think of it as a replacement for your Ethernet cable. Instead of a wired cable plugging your Mini into your network, you now have the wireless Airport. Of course, the Airport card needs to have something to connect to at the other end, so for that you'd need a wireless access point. Any standards-compliant access point will work, or you can use Apple's equipment, such as an Airport Express.

Your Bluetooth card allows a large number of devices to communicate wirelessly to your Mac Mini. For example, you could use Apple's on Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse with your computer. Other common applications for Bluetooth include wireless headsets (for, like, iChat or Skype), or wirelessly syncing your cell phone's contacts and calendar or transferring audio and video files to your phone (assuming your cell phone supports Bluetooth).

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