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lucci33 01-02-06 06:23 PM

computer problem
hi guys im new to this site and i have a problem with my computer. im running my virus protection through nortons anti virus and i keep getting a file with trojan horse 1 and 2 on it. they are temporary files and i delete them from the computer from the virus thing and it says i need to restart the comp for the action to finish but after i do that, and run the program again, it comes up again! can someone help me. pleeeeeeeease lol im desperate here.

lucci33 01-02-06 07:53 PM

sorry my anti virus program is avg i also have spyware. please can someone on here help! im in dire needs of fixing this problem!!!!! i have a dell computer that i recently bought and i really really would appreciate if someone could help me before this becomes an issue.

lucci33 01-02-06 07:58 PM

again, the virus found is called a trojan horse generic.dgv. it is attatched to some temporary file that i cannot delete on my comp when i search and try to delete it. please someone help!!!!! im over my head here!!!

strife 01-02-06 08:34 PM

try to google the name of the virus. Usually someone has instructions on how to remove it. Also can try housecall

lucci33 01-03-06 11:00 AM

thanks man ill try it now and get back to you.

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