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Fok 01-02-06 12:46 PM

How can I check the read speed of my DVD Rom drive?
My DVD rom specs say it can read at 16x. However are there any tools out there that can check this?

X 01-02-06 12:52 PM

You could use Nero CD-DVD Speed utility.

BigPete 01-02-06 01:37 PM

I've never tried using it on a system without nero installed, but the program can be downloaded free. just search google. Not sure if it needs the special nero aspi or nor to work.

Make sure you use a data disc - many DVD videos and drives employ "riplock" technology to limit the max speed at which a dvd can be read. This would cap you at ~6x - in theory making it much more annoying and time consuming for those who wished to do anything other than watch a dvd video (which only requires 1x).

Flyerman85 01-03-06 11:27 AM

A good place to look is on vcdhelp.com they hove most drives made there, and also what media works with which burners

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