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guppie 01-01-06 10:39 PM

need mp3 player advice...
Please do NOT even recommend an ipod... Completely useless for me, because I run about 6-7 miles about 3-4 times per week, which means that I'm obviously sweating alot (mositure issue) and increased potential to drop the player, but not too often. As fashionable as an ipod might be, it's too bulky and heavy - completely useless and impractical! Besides, I don't have nearly 10GB of music to listen to while running/working out...

Basically, I need something that's kinda light and small and MUST have an FM Tuner, preferably with an SD memory card slot. Internal storage is not a big deal cuz I have two 1GB SD cards from my current mp3 player. Current mp3 player is the Memorex Biomorph MMP8500 - not exactly a fahsion statement, but definitely very durable and practical, but finally broke after 14 months (approx 1200 miles)...

lxl 01-02-06 12:45 AM

I got a SanDisk e140 ( http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Cata...3_Players.aspx ) last Nov. for ~$80, it has built-in 1GB and a SD-slot, has FM tuner, uses AAA battery, and it's small and light, now I use it when I walk the dog.

solipsta 01-02-06 01:13 AM

This is next on my list. Has the tuner, but no expansion slot. Might not fit your needs, but it's durn purdy.



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