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jerkfacemike 12-29-05 05:08 PM

Help with buying PC Case
I am putting together a computer for my dad and don't know where I can get a cheap case to fit the following motherboard:

Intel 845PE Chipset
ATA 150 (serial ATA)
USB i2c/SMBus

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The last case I bought would not fit the motherboard.

Thanks alot. Happy New Year!!!

belboz 12-29-05 06:31 PM

You need to find out what form factor the motherboard is. The standards commonly found in use nowadays are ATX, mATX, E-ATX, and BTX. ATX is by far the most popular, with mATX (aka mini or micro ATX) and E-ATX (extended? ATX) being slightly smaller and larger versions of ATX, respectively. BTX is a newer standard Intel has been trying to get established with little success.

The case you buy has to accomodate the motherboard form factor. An ATX case can often fit a mATX board, but a mATX case can't fit an ATX board. You can distinguish between the two in that a mATX board usually only has 3 PCI slots (plus an AGP slot) and is squarish (13" x 13" ?) whereas the ATX board will have 4 or 5 PCI slots and is more rectangular in shape.

AGuyNamedMike 12-29-05 09:14 PM

What brand and model of motherboard?

al_bundy 12-29-05 09:42 PM


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