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IMRICKJAMES 12-26-05 08:25 PM

I'm moving...Cell Phone Question
I'm moving so I'm wondering...

I'm in the middle of a cell phone contract. I don't know how this works since I haven't moved while owning a cell phone too, but can I switch numbers to my new area code? Cancel that contract while getting a new contract with the same company? or do I have to just wait till the contract runs out?

Deftones 12-26-05 08:29 PM

You should be able to get the same company to switch your number, provided they have service in that new area.

DVD Polizei 12-26-05 08:41 PM

Do you need a new phone number? Area codes are becoming less and less important these days. And I would expect the cell phone company to want you to fulfill your contract, or pay an outrageous opt-out fee.

Deftones 12-26-05 09:38 PM

Not everyone has free LD on their cell phones, and i'd venture even less have reasonable LD on their home phones.

mndtrp 12-27-05 01:33 AM

It would probably be cheaper and easier to pay for the long distance addition to the cell phone than get out of the contract.

dgmayor 12-27-05 08:40 AM

When I moved from Orlando to Raleigh-Durham area this summer, I was halfway through a 2 year Sprint contract. To change my phone number, they had to renew my contract, so I'm now only 6 months into it instead of 6 months from it being over. I'd say keep your old # if you can.

eton03 12-28-05 12:02 PM

I plan on moving to FL fro school later next year and I am going to keep my old cell number. It will still be a local call for my friends and family if I do otherwise its a longdistance call for them. I'd still get charged either way.

Note : I would be Damned before I let them "make" me renew my contract.... They could shove it....

Sonicflood 12-28-05 06:49 PM

T-Mobile did not require a contract renewal for my sister. She moved from Alabama to Florida & they just gave her a new phone number. She was not under contract at the time either.


sdcrym 12-29-05 04:06 PM

When I signed up for Sprint service a couple of years ago, I was informed that the early contract ending fee would be waived if the place I moved to did not have Sprint service. How easy it is to convince them, I'm not sure.

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