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My laptop turns off by

Old 12-03-05, 06:31 PM
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My laptop turns off by

My Toshiba Satelite will turn off by itself without warning. I can be in the middle of something, or not touching it at all and it will shut off. It does not shut down, it just goes completely off by itself. Any suggestions?
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Old 12-03-05, 06:58 PM
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Is there a bluescreen just before it shuts down?

Is this on battery or AC power?
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Old 12-03-05, 06:59 PM
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Is this one of those newfangled features where the computer tries to predict what the user wants to do?

I'll assume your notebook computer is plugged in and not running on battery power. Find a program called "memcheck" and test your RAM. Is your notebook model one of the ones that has the power supply inside the computer? (You can figure it out - if your power cable is just a wire, no brick, then it is.). If the power supply is inside the computer, you'll have to take it to a Toshiba dealer to switch out the power supply to see if that's the problem. You could MAYBE do it yourself if the power supply is easily accessible, and if you're not afraid of opening up your computer. AND if you can find the exact replacement power supply. If the power supply is part of the cable, then you might want to get a new AC adapter and see if that works.
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Old 12-03-05, 07:20 PM
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thanks for the responses. I called Toshiba (which I probably should have done first, instead when I panic I first turn to DVD talk forums). It's a manufacturing defect and they have a recall for it. They want me to send in my computer to get it fixed or drive 60 miles to the nearest Toshiba repair center.

I thought it was a virus but I restored the system and it is still happening. My PC had been taken over by winfixer2005 pop ups/automatic system scans. Those are gone now, but the automatic turn off is still in effect, usually when I have two or more programs open.

No bluescreen of death or nothing, one second its on and running, a split second later its off.
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Old 12-05-05, 09:56 PM
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Now they are saying they won't fix it unless I pay them. They said there is a class action lawsuit against them and until it is over they require we pay them. They said it could be a two weeks, it could be a year. Their tech support are complete assholes.
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Old 12-05-05, 10:09 PM
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My GF's sister had a laptop that did that...I felt the bottom and it was overheating.

She propped it up and whammo..hasn't done it since
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Old 12-07-05, 07:21 AM
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My desktop does this just yesterday. I was just rebooting my PC, but when I waited the bootscreen never came up and the PC would stay off. I tried a few cold boot and after some attempts, I got a BIOS message that it can't overclock the PC. That is really weird because I never tried to overclock my PC and I haven't touched the BIOS for weeks. So I just reset the BIOS to default and so far it haven't tried to turn off by itself again. I hope that it was only a temporary glitch.

Oh well. Thread hijack over. Move on...
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Old 12-07-05, 11:14 AM
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Yup, I also had a Toshiba that did this. Cause was overheating.
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Old 12-07-05, 11:28 AM
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I have a toshiba satellite that did this. But for some reason, it suddenly stopped.
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