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buffotoad 10-21-05 10:30 AM

Dead computer - can it be fixed?
I have an old IBM Aptiva 500 mhz, XP-Pro, fully patched. It booted fine yesterday and I used it briefly. All I did was access the internet. I made no hardware or software changes recently.

This morning I fired it up and it won't get past the 'IBM Aptiva' logo screen.

I am unable to get into the BIOS, so I can't check anything there. Also, the CD drive won't open, so I can't try to boot from that.

Any ideas where I can start to try to find out what is wrong?

Thanks for any help.

DVD Polizei 10-21-05 10:32 AM

CD drive won't open? Does it have a little hole in front where you can insert a paperclip end to push the drive open?

Can you connect another drive up to it?

buffotoad 10-21-05 10:46 AM

DVD P- it is working fine again, but I don't know why.

I replaced the C: drive with another hard drive (that I don't know what was on it). It still wouldn't do anything, but I don't know if an OS was on the drive.

I then re-connected the C: drive that wasn't working, and it booted up just like it used to.

I wish I knew what the problem was, but I'm happy that it came back.

Thanks for your time...

Nifty03 10-21-05 11:33 AM

Sounds like what my old one did when the power supply started going bad (if it is shutting down on the boot screen and not locking up). Started doing it more and more untill it just wouldn't turn on at all.

DVD Polizei 10-21-05 11:35 AM

^^^That's a good possibility.

buffotoad 10-21-05 03:59 PM

Sorry I didn't give a clearer explanation before. My pc wouldn't shut down like yours was doing - it would freeze at the Aptiva logo screen, but the pc would stay on. It would sit on that screen until I powered the machine off.

I don't know if maybe the IDE cable worked itself loose or something like that. I have doubts because it was on there pretty tight and was hard to get out.

Thanks for your input!

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