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Wireless Media Set Top Device

Old 08-23-05, 05:38 PM
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Wireless Media Set Top Device

I know this has been asked before (I did search smile.gif) but there haven't seemed to be any suitable solutions. I was wondering if there was anything new in the world that might meet my needs:

I am looking for some suggestions for a purchase. I really want to buy a Wireless Networked media player that will hook into my TV and Stereo, and will access my media files on my PC, all accessed over my Wifi a or g network.

Some I have seen online seem pretty good (PRISMIQ) until I find out that in order to play DVIX and XVID you have to re-encode in MPEG to get any consistent playback. Others I have seen have no AVI support at all, or limited support at best. It seems it shouldn't be that hard. My PC has enough power and bandwidth to do any encoding necessary on the fly, and then the software should be able to send the re-encoded stream to the box (whatever it is) without too much hassle. But from what I have seen this is a pipe dream still.

I really would rather spend less than $200, but if there are only more expensive options I will consider them. I need:

801.11a or 802.11g wireless network at 54 or better 108 mps.
DVIX and XVID support
JPEG Support for picture viewing
MP3 support for music playback over stereo.
Reasonable interface.

Any suggestions? It just doesn't seem like anyone has got this right yet. They could make a killing if they got their act together.
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You're correct, nobody has gotten this right yet. Your best option is really to buy an xbox, hack it, and stick XBox Media Center on it.

Really, XBMC supports basically everything, the XBox is cheaper than most of those media player boxes, and hacking it is fairly easy nowadays. There's even pure software hacks, if you own certain games. And Xbox's can be gotten for $100 or so, max.

I recommend looking for info on that topic. When I had the same question, that was the answer I got, without exception.
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