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Struz 08-15-05 03:20 PM

Dell Dimension 2400 - Any Good ?
I need another pc to use mostly for internet access.

Right now I have a pretty new HP desktop (XP) and an old Sony desktop.
I have a cable modem.

I was going to buy a router and a wireless adapter and use the Sony desktop upstairs for mostly internet access.
The Sony only has Windows 95 an no Ethernet connection.

I found a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop for $296.00.
this is what it comes with:

Intel® Celeron® processor at 2.60 GHz with 400MHz front side bus and 128 KB L2 cache
Intel 845GV chipset

Operating System:
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition

256MB to 512 MB Shared2 DDR SDRAM at 400MHz (performs at 333 MHz with 533 FSB Celeron processor).
2 DIMM slots

17 inch monitor (CRT)
80GB Hard Drive
48X CD-RW Drive
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Networking
Dell Speakers
Dell Quietkey Keyboard
Dell 2-button Mouse
V.92 DataFax Modem

I/O Ports
6 USB 2.0 ports (2 front - 4 back)
1 front 1/8" headphone jack
1 serial port
1 parallel port with ECP
1 mouse: PS/2 port
1 keyboard: PS/2 port

3 PCI slots

*Free Dell Color Printer

How bad can this be for $296.00 ?
I will be able to access the internet wirelessly with this pc right ?

BeanDip0001 08-15-05 03:43 PM

NO just say NO

X 08-15-05 03:47 PM

I have one with a real P4 (2.4MHz?) and it works just fine as a test server. I think it would be fine for mostly internet access.

Mopower 08-15-05 04:31 PM

That's a great deal for a basic PC. I'd buy even more ram later. 512 barely cuts it anymore. Also it would be a good idea to buy XP and wipe the computer clean. Install XP without all the Dell add on crap.

X 08-15-05 04:35 PM

Yeah, the RAM this thing uses is dirt cheap. I got another 512MB for mine for around $22. The machine is very quiet and quite solid for the price. Just not a lot of drive expansion capabilities, but it has enough.

If possible, get less Dell RAM and a real P4 if the price stays about the same.

[Edit: Looks like they don't give you a choice anymore. Probably clearing out some old parts.]

X 08-15-05 04:44 PM

BTW, I just got a 2.26MHz P4 and a microATX motherboard for it at CompUSA, bundled for $80. It was a price mistake but they're honoring it while supplies last. The CPU supposedly overclocks to around 3.4MHz (but not with this motherboard).

$22 of RAM, some spare parts and a cheap case will make a computer comparable to the Dell 2400.

Deftones 08-15-05 04:51 PM

Originally Posted by X
I have one with a real P4 (2.4MHz?) and it works just fine as a test server. I think it would be fine for mostly internet access.

Yep. I use it for mostly word processing, Internet, and poker playing online. Works very well. I've got the P4 one too. Just make sure to upgrade the RAM to at least 512.

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