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Easy 08-11-05 07:55 PM

Video card memory - 256Meg useful?
I know it takes a fairly powerful GPU to make use of that much memory but in which cards does it really kick in? 6800? 6800GT? 6800 Ultra?

Otto 08-12-05 12:09 PM

All the high end 6800's I've seen have 512 meg of memory. The 7800 I bought last weekend has only 256megs, but it's pretty fast nonetheless.

The extra memory really kicks in with 3d gaming. The game loads all its textures into that memory, and the video card can then render complex scenes faster. For normal non-gaming stuff, the extra memory doesn't help much.

Kevin M. Dean 08-12-05 04:24 PM

Once you Windows guys get Vista you'll finally have an interface that'll take advantage of the GPU and you'll really want some decent VRAM at that point, but until then as was mentioned you'll only really see the benefit in games.

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