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Slow access to some programs

Old 08-11-05, 08:40 AM
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Slow access to some programs

System specs:
3.0 GHz P4
Win XP Home Ed.

A few weeks ago I was getting prepared for the installation of a large game mod (300 MB). So I decided to do a disk defragment and before that a disk clean-up. OK, when I was doing the disk clean-up, the process was going very slowly...I mean, very...In fact, IIRC, it either locked up my computer or I just canceled the action. Then I ran disk defragger and it ran fine.

Anyway, since then, it seems like access to some programs have slowed down, and in some cases, is causing the program to [Not respond]. One of the biggest culprits is WinZip. When I do a right-click on a zipped file and select WinZip and then "open to.." it takes forever for the little box to pop up that asks to used the Evaluation Version or Buy. In fact, it used it the other day and it totally crashed my computer. Had to hold the power button to shut down and then when I rebooted CHKDSK came up (which I've never seen on Win XP).

Another program which seem to be sluggish is Outlook Express after it downloads my mail. Clicking on "new unread messgages" takes a little extra time than usual to go to my Inbox.

IE even seems to be sluggish when I click on a link that brings up a new IE browser. Internal links aren't sluggish, just when they trigger other windows.

I just downloaded a new version of WinZip to install to see if a new install would fix that problem.

I'm just wondering if rerunning disk clean-up would help.
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Old 08-11-05, 06:42 PM
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If disk cleanup if "freezing" at compressed old files. Look at this Reg Hack .

This is very common in Disc Cleanup in XP
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Old 08-11-05, 09:21 PM
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OK, thanks and that is exactly what it was doing. I did however re-run Disk Cleanup this morning and it got through it all. It did take a long time to get through the compressed old files though in the actual clean-up after it calculated the "free space" part. I had Task Manager on the whole time to monitor CPU Usage. It would peak out at about 75%. IIRC, when I did this a couple weeks ago, it topped out at 100% and that's what crashed my machine.

However I'm still getting sluggish program starts and sometimes shutdowns. It's only a couple extra seconds, but still it's annoying. About a year ago or so, I used a Spyware removal program (not Ada-ware) and it removed a file or files that really screwed up program access. It took practically a minute to open IE and everything else. I ended up having to do a reformat and reinstall of XP to fix it.
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