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ds6161 08-09-05 12:44 PM

PC keyboard ??
I just got a kitty kat ( satan's spawn) untill she gets fatter she squezes under the play room door ..
any way I'm looking for a program that will lock the keyboard from kitty steps until she figures out the programable keystroke...


X 08-09-05 12:47 PM

You didn't say what OS, but you can generally lock the computer and keyboard with a CTRL-ALT-DEL and a mouse click.

Otto 08-09-05 01:09 PM

If it's XP, CTRL-ALT-DELETE followed by Enter will lock the system.

If you prefer something more specifically suited to your needs, try PawSense. It detects and blocks cat typing, and also helps train your cat to stay off the computer keyboard by playing annoying sounds when your cat gets on the keyboard.

fumanstan 08-09-05 01:51 PM

Or just press the Windows Key + L

yashan 08-10-05 11:31 AM

Originally Posted by fumanstan
Or just press the Windows Key + L

Or get one of these instead


and turn it off when you're not using it. I'd like to see your cat get online now! ;)

Link: http://www.virtual-laser-keyboard.com/index.asp

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