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Clyde099 08-07-05 12:29 AM

Computer wont detect new devices (DVDRW & CDROM)
I bought a Sony DVD Burner (DRU-800A) today that replaced a non-working cd burner. I managed to correctly install it but when I turn my computer on the computer does not detect the dvd burner or the cd-rom/dvd player. I've tried to move the cables/devices around to see if either device would be detected.

At one point the computer DID recognize both devices and said that in order for the Sony Burner to completely install it had to restart the computer...so it did, and when the computer came back up no devices were detected.

My computer fits the qualifications for the DVD Burner so I don't know really what's wrong.

During my trials, the DVD Burner would open and close as Windows XP Pro was starting...but when it got to the welcome screen it stopped opening/closing. At the moment, the DVD Burner is opening and closing (and I've tried inserting a cd) but that's it, nothing else happens.

Anyone have some advice? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

eedoon 08-07-05 02:00 AM

check your master/slave jumper setting.

68ShelbyGT500KR 08-07-05 07:57 AM

"the computer " means the BIOS (at startup) and/or Windows?
If at Startup, Make sure the jumpers and cable are correct. Keep the DVD drive on its own cable for now set to master or cable select

If at startup, the black and white screen, sees the drive but Windows doesn't, then uninstall from Device Manager. Shut down and power off(completely) the PC for 30-60 seconds. Reboot and start over.

Check the Sony FAQ and Installation Assistant

Clyde099 08-07-05 12:39 PM

Problem partially solved. I installed Windows SP2 and then made the DVD Burner "Master." That seems to work, haven't tried burning yet but I tried a cd and a dvd and they both play. I can't get the other drive to work as "slave" though, I don't need it anymore anyways so that's the least of my worries right now. Thanks a lot for your help guys!

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