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SmackDaddy 08-01-05 08:57 AM

WinXP reboots, can't re-install/repair either??
Ran into a strange problem on a friends PC. Everytime she tries to run MacAfee Virus scan, it crashes. A blue screen warning comes up, but flashes by so fast I couldn't read it. Couldn't find anything with Spybot or RegCleaner.

Tried to do a repair, but as soon as it would get to the "Preparing to install Windows" The screen with the "R for repair....Enter to install" comes up for a secind then crashes to an "IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS" error.

I did find a problem with the onboard sound and a PCI soundcard, so I removed the card and now use the onboard sound, but the problem still persists.

MacAfee finally came up with a warnign that the PC was infected with a Trojan "Reboot.exe" that it could not delete or quarantine. Searched for it, but couldsn't find any reboot.exe.

I googled both reboot.exe and the IRQL error but couldn't find anything helpful.

Any Ideas?

68ShelbyGT500KR 08-01-05 07:41 PM

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is usually related to a bad driver (McAfee) or the pagefile is corrupt. I would suspect Mcafee as the culprit especially since it crashes when being used.

Is McAfee up to date as far as the program is concerned? If you are running Windows XP SP2 then make sure you get the update.

Can you boot into SafeMode? If so, "enable show all files and folders" in Windows Explorer and search for the reboot.exe file.

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