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DVD Polizei 05-04-05 09:58 AM

Anyone buy the Pioneer DVR-109 from Newegg yesterday?
I did. $56.99 and free shipping. :banana:

X 05-04-05 10:14 AM

Why, when a better burner, the NEC 3520, is $50 + $2 shipping?


twikoff 05-04-05 11:06 AM

Im partial to the pioneer dvdrw drives
Ive got the 108 now, and really like it :up:

X 05-04-05 11:18 AM

I've had two Pioneers, two NECs, two LiteOns and a Plextor. The NEC 3500 gives the most consistent, best quality burns as measured by PI/PO scans of any of those burners and allows me to burn most media faster than their rated speeds.

twikoff 05-04-05 11:28 AM

meh, Im on my second pioneer drive and have never had a bad burn (upgraded and brought my old one to work).. never had any issues at all with it, and get great speed

so if there is any difference at all. its too marginal for anyone to notice or care.

I guess if I ever have a bad burn or dont feel like Im getting really good speed.. I might complain.. but for now, thats just not the case.

btw.. with a firmware update.. burning media higher than their rated speeds is also easy to do with a pioneer.

X 05-04-05 11:31 AM

So if they're close enough to the same why pay 10% more for a Pioneer?

4KRG 05-04-05 12:16 PM

I am with X on this one. :thumbsup: NEC 35XX

Sonicflood 05-04-05 03:38 PM

I'm a Pioneer guy. I've used several Pioneer & Sony DVD drives and have never had ANY problems with the Pioneer! Can't say the same about the Sony drives.

I guess it's a matter of staying with what you are use to & been happy with. I did not know of the New Egg special or I would have bought one. Is it still @ that price or was it a "daily" special? edit: just found it on New Egg with $4.00 shipping.


Wompratz 05-05-05 08:15 AM

I've had a Pioneer DVD-R in an external enclosure which I use with my laptop for a year and a half. Never had a single problem with it, 100% burns and functionality. I'm one of those people that stick with a brand that I have had good experiences with so I'd stick with Pioneer next time as well :)

hypeiv 05-05-05 09:34 AM

LOL at you guys arguing NEC vs Pioneer... Pioneer buys oem drives from NEC and puts their name on them... they are the same drive.

EDIT: turns out the drives are different but pioneer does use the same NEC chipset in their drives.

matome 05-06-05 11:14 AM

Originally Posted by X
Why, when a better burner, the NEC 3520, is $50 + $2 shipping?


Looks like it's free shipping now.

I'm partial to Lite-On's myself since I've never burned a coaster yet, so I just picked up another 1673. Doesn't burn DVD-R DL, but I won't be using DL discs until they drop to under a buck a pop which at this point seems like never.

X 05-06-05 11:22 AM

From my experience the NEC is much better than the LiteOn.

I am an agnostic when it comes to burner brands. I buy them and do the testing and decide which is better.

eedoon 05-08-05 11:51 AM

[thread hijack]I've been planning to buy either DVD writer or a new HD (haven't decided yet) since my current HD space is becoming more and more limited and burning tens of CDs seems to be not a very good idea.

Anyway, I heard that while double layer DVD writer is on the rage, their quality isn't as good as expected. Is it true? Because if it is, I'd probably get a HD and wait for the dual layer technology to mature before I get one. [/thread hijack]

Thanks in advance.

matome 05-08-05 04:31 PM

Double (Dual) Layer burners are readily available now (almost standard), though I doubt many people are taking advantage of the feature since the blank DL discs will cost you at least $5 a pop (or $10 for the good Verbatims). I've read so-so results with the burners as well. Who wants to risk a coaster at those prices, especially when there could also be playback compatibility issues as well? Plus they burn much slower than current single-layer discs. I'll stick with my single-layer TDK/Fuji DVD's that you can get at Best Buy for under 50 cents a pop for now. 4.7 gigs is a pretty nice chunk of space for me.

X 05-08-05 04:41 PM

Yeah, single layer discs are so cheap I haven't even wanted to try a dual-layer at those prices.

I've been backing up my hard drives onto other hard drives. But since I got a bunch of 8x TYs for 20 each a while back I thought I'd try backing up non-changing stuff like music onto them. 100 GB of music backed up onto 23 DVDs for a cost of $4.60. And since I could burn them at several times the speed of dual-layers it was much faster too.

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