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Old 03-22-05, 05:59 PM   #1
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how to "record" video FROM PowerDVD..?


I have a problem here. Please forgive me when i don't know all the specialities, i am a relative newbie to "video" and such stuff.

My boyfriend recently bought a rather dodgy VCD. This one does play in a standalone player, but it stutters a lot specially in the beginning. On the PC, using Windows Media Playuer as normally for VCD's, it says "can not play this CD, it might be dirty or damaged". By the way i use XP pro SP2.

When i try to copy the .dat file from the VCD on the harddisk, by using the DVD/SC drive, it comes with an error "can not copy avseq01.dat: cyclic redundancy check" and when i try to do the same, using my CD writer drive, it comes with "illegal MS Dos operation", short, it can not be copied onto HDD, not even from the command prompt (same error messages).

I managed to make a copy of that VCD, using "Deep Burner" and "Burn At Once", but the copy behaves exactly as the original, and when i copied the .dat file alone (using RAW mode -otherwise it wasn't possible) this .dat file is dodgy as well, as in "can not play it".

Now, since everything else seems to fail i wonder, why this very same CD on either drive plays almost perfectly in PowerDVD..?? It still stutters a bit but nowhere near as much as on the standalone player. Also on a "Smart Movie" converter (which converts video to be used on Symbian-powered cell phones) it plays nearly perfect, however when trying to actually convert it, the output file has perfect audio but the video is stuck on the very first frame.

Now i downloaded an application "Cam Studio" which promised to record "desktop activity" to an avi file. Well, it DOES that. But when i play that VCD in PowerDVD and try to "capture" the window with Cam Studio, the result is only a black screen (on the recorded file).

Is there a software (or even a trick in PowerDVD itself) to "record" a video that's playing in PowerDVD to have a mpg or avi file as output? If it records/captures without audio that wouldn't be a problem since the content on the VCD is needed for it's images.

By the way i did already try the "hardware acceleration" thing as needed for capturing frames. Didn't make a difference - still all black when "recording".

My VGA card is a TNT2-M64 which works absolutely perfect and which i don't want to change just to record a single video. The CPU is a slightly overclocked Duron 1000 (@1200) and i have 768 MB of RAM in the machine. The DVD drive is a Asus (therefor also my PowerDVD version is actually branded "AsusDVD" but the executable is PowerDVD.exe) and the writer is a Samsung SW208.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

With kind regards.....

your Thanh
Old 03-22-05, 06:15 PM   #2
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1. I think having hardware acceleration ON is why you only get a black screen/video after recording.

2. If all you want is images, then just do a screenshot via PowerDVD (see #2 here

3. If you want to capture video using cam studio, open the video in WMP, pause it, open the video again in another instance of WMP and record from that window.

Old 03-23-05, 07:41 AM   #3
New Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 4

Thanks verry much for reply. However it is not that easy.

Indeed i want to capture VIDEO, not still images. Still images i can capture easily via PowerDVD (even with the hardware acceleration ON). But i need the actual video stream, which may be without sound, that won't matter.

I can NOT play the VCD in Windows Media Player as i mentioned in my initial post - it runs ONLY in PowerDVD and the SmartMovie converter, and when i try to capture from there (the preview window) via Cam Studio i again get only a black image.

Is there a different software capable to do this? I don't want to invest a whole bunch of money in new hardware (video capture card etc) just to get this ONE done I don't mind a shareware with limited functions (as mentioned "no sound" is perfectly ok) as long as it can record the stream from PowerDVD.

With kind regards.....

your Thanh
Old 03-23-05, 10:30 AM   #4
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Can't you just use a video editing program to extract the part of the VCD that you want to capture? Capturing while playing seems like the hard way to do this.
Old 03-24-05, 04:13 AM   #5
New Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 4
Hello again
I would LOVE to do that.... but as mentioned in first initial post, it is impossible to copy the .dat file (which is actually a mpg video file) from the CD - creating a copy of the CD results in an identical "twin" from which the .dat also can't be taken, and creating a .toc image of the .dat file only (and burn that on CD, then copy from that CD to HDD) results in a file that won't run.

The .dat file is somehow corrupted, yet leaves me to wonder why it does play in PowerDVD. Is this a new sort of copy protection?? Or just a really dodgy VCD?? It is a non-commercial VCD and therefor i can't simply exchange it.

After all, it DOES play in PowerDVD and there should be a way of recording the stream - be it from the screen or heck... don't know, but it *should* be possible..??

I don't see myself buying one of these video capture cards, hook my VCD player to the PC and record it that way.... because on the standalone VCD player it stutters terribly AND i have no free PCI slot. And too expensive it's too, just to get a single video.

SOMEone must have experience with this kind of stuff..?

Best regards.....

your Thanh
Old 03-27-05, 04:24 AM   #6
New Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 4

Ok forget about my problem. Since nobody knows a solution, i did it my way. Played in PowerDVD, used digital camera to "shoot" from the monitor, converted resulting file to MPG and burned new VCD. Almost perfect.


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