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MiamiLoco 03-07-05 11:34 PM

Best Program to Input Video??
My friend came to visit Miami and since he's got a pretty good DVCAM, he asked if I had any ideas to possibly film something to add to our reels. We cam up with this commercial, we shot it this weekend, but he is leaving soon, so I need to input the DV into my computer. I have a camera and I have a firewire connection. Since I have a PC I plan to edit it with AVID DV EXPRESS. Since I don't have the program yet, I was wondering, what other program I can use to input my video?

HN 03-07-05 11:53 PM


MiamiLoco 03-07-05 11:57 PM

Is it better than DVgate?

HN 03-08-05 12:04 AM

Dunno...never used dvgate. but it's small, it's free, and it does what it was intended to do.

MiamiLoco 03-08-05 12:04 AM


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