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roger_d 11-12-04 07:44 AM

Need help to re-format my hard drive.
Hi everyone. i have a 80gig hard drive and after all these years i've used it up, i just have less that 5 gigs left. i've backed up all the programs i want but i need help as to how to reformat my hard drive. i've tried to do it in the past but failed. After i reformated and installed my Windows, the C: drive said i only had 5 gigs of space. I don't want to have that happen again. If someone can email me the process or reply here i would appreciate it very much. My email is: [email protected]

Nifty03 11-12-04 10:14 AM

Assuming that you have an operating system CD of some sort (XP, 2000, ect.) you could boot from the CD and go through the setup process for installing the operating system. It will get to a point where it asks you if you want to format the Hard Drive and just answer yes and it should reformat just fine.

roger_d 11-12-04 02:15 PM

I have the original OS cd which was Windows 98, i also have the upgrade CD for XP, and the system restoration cd. Are you speaking of the restoration cd?
Thanks for the reply Nifty03.

danicus007 11-12-04 05:31 PM

get yourself a boot disk and start-up your PC. When the drive boots off your floppy and you get to your A: prompt, enter Format C: and it will wipe your drive. If you need to load win98 first you can then enter the disk and type D: for the cd-rom and the enter setup.exe and this will install Win98.

Or if you have a restore CD, then you can just use that and it will wipe your drive, but will also load all the crap that's on the restore disk.

roger_d 11-12-04 06:53 PM

Thanks for your help "danicus007". I appreciate your help and also "Nifty03" help. Thanks to both of you.

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