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~M~ 11-01-04 09:17 PM

Which network wireless solution?
Which Netgear adapter is the best for me to use. I already have a Netgear MR814v2 router.

I would prefer the USB Adapter since it only costs $35. The PCI Adapter costs $59.

My only worry is the USB adapter has a weak signal. I'll leave the Netgear router in the next room. The PC with the Wireless adapter will be about 35 feet away and only one way seperating the two.

What does everyone else suggest? I would prefer to stick with Netgear but I'm open to other ideas. I've had problems with wireless setups before. Last time, I kept losing the DSL connection when using our wireless phone (2.4G)

Mopower 11-01-04 09:28 PM

I know this might not be the suggestion you are looking for but I had many problems with wireless setups in the past. So I got a home plug setup. It uses the powerlines in your house. You have to buy one box for your router that plugs into the router and a wall outlet. Then you get another box that you connect to your computer and plug into a wall outlet. It's a great idea. Might not be what you want but I'm not throwing it out there. It solved all my network problems.

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