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hitmanjules 11-01-04 01:39 PM

Need a reliable external hard drive for Mac
Hi, I need a reliable external hard drive for my Mac Powerbook. What is up with every commercial external hard drive being unreliable, slow, unrecognizable to computers, crashing after a year? That's all I've seen on reviews about Iomga to Maxtor to others. Does anyone have a solid recommendation based on personal usage? This is primarily for firewire-routed MiniDV footage that needs to be digitized and stored. Thanks!

meritocracy 11-01-04 03:58 PM

I'd recommend the D2 line of Lacie external's. Perfect for your needs.

Lacie D2 External's

kms_md 11-02-04 04:25 PM

i second the lacie d2 recommendation.

works great, sleek look.


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