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kayak99 11-01-04 08:27 AM

Adding another hard drive question
I think this was addressed once but I can't seem to find the thread.

Using XP, with a 40GB HD, less than 1/3 full. Wanting to transfer from a Canon Optura 40 video camcorder to dvd I purchased a 160 GB Seagate internal hd. My only use of this will only be to transfer and store prior to burning. (it is possible I may want to transfer mp3 files to this drive as well)

Since its been a while since I added a second drive, will this install formatted as another lettered drive or is there a process xp requires. A "diskwizard" comes withi the drive.

Should the software provided by Canon be installed on this second drive or does it even matter?

In case I forgot something, other suggestions, comments are appreciated. (this time change has my brain semi-functional) :)

bill_n_opus 11-01-04 08:35 AM

- XP will automaticall map the drive so it's lettered last time I checked. You can remap it if you like later on using either XP iirc or using other thirdparty software.

- I would seriously consider not loading the Canon supplied software. Or at least do a search on the 'net to find out if it's half-decent or not. There are probably other better software out there with probably lower bloat and more functionality/peformance.

- install the software on the partition that you want to keep things nice and orderly.

kayak99 11-01-04 08:03 PM

Any recommendations for a software program that will best take me from tape to dvd?

Roto 11-01-04 08:36 PM

As far as installing the hard drive, XP should detect that there is a new drive installed and walk you through the process. BUT if it doesn't you go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management.

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