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freedexter 09-26-04 06:39 PM

Basic Photoshop Question
I detest the learning curve of all Adobe products, so forgive me for asking this, but I can't figure out how to cut out the shape of a person from a picture.

Basically, I would like to just have the person, and none of the background, as a transparent image. I'm sure it's possible, but none of the basic tools can help me. Please help.

Einsatz 09-26-04 07:40 PM

There are many ways to do this...
You can use the magnetic lasso tool to make a selection and copy it, or you can use layer masqing so create a selection, etc.

A quick google search brings up a number of good online tutorial sites such as http://www.myjanee.com/tuts/tutlist.htm (the 'cut out the hair' lesson seems relevant)

Of course, you can also refer to the manual that came with the software when you purchased it :)

freedexter 09-26-04 07:52 PM

Originally posted by Einsatz
Of course, you can also refer to the manual that came with the software when you purchased it :)
It's at school, so odds are somebody from an office miles away bought the licenses to install them onto a bunch of computers, and most likely did not order any manuals for us. :(

RalphWiggum 09-26-04 08:28 PM

Filter -> Extract

Use the Edge Highlighter Tool (at the top left) to draw an outline around the person. You want your outline to be half on the person and half on the background. After you have the outline, select the Fill Tool and click inside the outine on the person. Click OK to return.

A little bit of the person may be missing, so duplicate the layer a time or two, and the person should be whole. If there is still a little bit missing, then use the History Brush and carefully paint back those parts. If you accidently get some of the background, then use the eraser to make it transparent again.

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