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breaux124 09-13-04 09:35 AM

Ipod or another MP3 player?
I'm back in the gym so I'd like some music while I work out. I'm not a big fan of the smaller capacity MP3 players, so I'd probably like to get a Hard drive based player with at least 5GB+ (more would be nice). I know lots of people love Ipods, so is that the best out or is that any up and coming or new MP3 players I should look at?

I'm a PC person, with a huge collection of MP3s already if it matters.

Chew 09-13-04 10:39 AM

I guess that depends on what kind of gym-workout you're getting. The harddrive based mp3 players don't handle a lot of jarring over long periods. I wouldn't use the treadmill, for example.

But, I'm on the iPod bandwagon after trying several different brands. :)

darkside 09-13-04 01:34 PM

I'm not sure using it for working out is the best idea. You might be better off getting a small flash MP3 player or even minidisc player for working out.

I guess it depends on if you will be running while wearing it or not.

Michael T Hudson 09-13-04 03:47 PM

iPod Mini sounds like what you want. Only 4GB but plenty for a work out. I got the arm band for mine for lawn work and it works great.

firteen88 09-14-04 03:32 PM

If you want something just for mp3 playback then DEFINITLY the Ipod...If you want something that does more (mp3..video...pictures(compact flash slot)...games) check out the archos gmini 400, same size as the ipod..

Josh H 09-15-04 03:35 PM

I wouldn't get an I-Pod or other HD player for working out.

I haven't bought and MP3 player yet for that reason. Flash players are too expensive for the number of songs they hold, and I'm too lazy to constantly delete and load new stuff to one.

ANd the HD based players aren't good for running or any jarring excercise which is really the main time I'd use an MP3 player.

BDB 09-15-04 03:59 PM

I use my 30gb Ipod at the Gym with no worries.

I use mrs bdb's mini when I go out running, and no issues at all while running.

ChiTownAbs, Inc 09-15-04 09:22 PM

Another vote for the mini. I'm starting to see a LOT of people in Chicago with the mini's now.

ydkjman 09-16-04 12:01 AM

Man what sold me on not getting the mini was for only $50 more you can now get 5 times the amount of hard drive. I would do the 20 gig :)

GMLSKIS 09-16-04 02:47 AM

I love my Dell DJ.

Ipods are nice but way overpriced IMO.

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