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Blake 09-10-04 01:51 AM

Yet another Excel Question - Header Row?
Basically, I need a certain row to print at the top of each new page. I don't really want to have to insert a row at the top of each page and then have to copy and paste the row into the inserted row, though I will if I have to. I just figured, there's got to be a way to have a sort of "header" row that prints atop all other rows when printing.

I already set up a header in the "Header & Footer" and didn't see any way to specifcy, say, ROW A as a header row to print atop each page.

Is this possible or am I just going to have to copy & paste a lot?

Blake 09-10-04 01:53 AM

Well...guess I should have tried google first...


ETA: Just tested it here...hope it works at work.

In case you don't want to go to the site:

Repeat row and column headings on printed pages

1. Click Page Setup on the File menu.
2. Click the Sheet tab, and then do one or both of the following:
* To repeat row labels on every page, click Rows to repeat at top, and then enter the rows that contain the column labels.
* To repeat column labels on every page, click Columns to repeat at left, and then enter the columns that contain the row labels.

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