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moorehed 09-09-04 11:58 AM

Connecting to QuickBooks Remotely???
well, i dont really know anything about QB, but we use it here at work, and the lady who uses it would like to be able to use it from home. I guess how it works is one machine is a server here, and then she connects to it?

it works fine from within our office, but she can't do it from home... i'm assuming there is some way to point it to an IP? I can't figure out how... any help woudl be great...

their website seems to offer no help, and their support is pricey.

68ShelbyGT500KR 09-09-04 08:08 PM

Just a guess here

Have you contacted your (work)network Administrator? He/She will have to give her network access(to logon) to the work server with the path to the QB's data files.
She will need, if she already doesn't, have QB installed on her computer at home.

Shay 09-09-04 11:54 PM

She could use remote desktop, netmeeting, or vnc to connect pc at work from home and use it, or you can pay 20 / month for the online version.

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