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DVD Polizei 08-21-04 08:39 PM

Javascript or other code for an "expand/contract window"?
I'm currently looking for some code that will enable a person to click on a window within a forum post, to expand the window to view a large photo or image so it won't screw up the forum look.

For example, someone posts a 1200x700 photo, and the width of the post is extended to a ridiculous extreme. If I had a contract/expand Java button, the photo could be viewed without messing up the forum.

Einsatz 08-21-04 08:53 PM

What if you encapsulate all images within DIV tags and then crop the div to a certain max width. Have a link/button that will expand the div to the width of the image when clicked, or pop up in a new window.

dunno if that'll work. I hate js.

Gallant Pig 08-21-04 09:03 PM

OT I hate JS too. It's a mess. I'd like to see some sort of new Internet script possibly based on PHP.

DVD Polizei 08-22-04 03:43 AM


Yeah, that sounds like it might work.

danw 08-22-04 05:52 PM

I think you could do it similar to a pure CSS menu. The default behavior being to hid the image/text/whatever, and the hover event opening it. <a href="http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/css/edge/menus/demo.html">CSS menu demo</a>.

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