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Computer won't restart... need help!!!

Old 08-16-04, 06:45 PM
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Computer won't restart... need help!!!

I cannot start up my computer.
When I try and reboot ,my computer I give me this message:

002: No Rom Basic
oo1: System Halted

What does this mean? Why can't I get access to my system? What can I do, any help would be great!
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operating system?
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No ROM basic system halted error.

Additional information:

Additional information about ROM BASIC can be found on our ROM BASIC dictionary definition.


No active partition has been defined in fdisk, hard disk drive not setup properly, or hard disk drive is bad.


Create active partition

After setting up your hard disk drive through fdisk you may receive the error message "No ROM basic system halted" this error is an indication that you have not set the hard disk drives active partition. To resolve the issue boot from a bootable diskette and enter fdisk. Within fdisk choose option 2 to set active partition and set drive you wish to be bootable as the active partition.

Additional information about fdisk can be found on our fdisk help page.

Invalid boot media in disk drive

If you are attempting to boot from the hard disk drive ensure that no floppy diskette or CD are in the computer. It is possible the computer may be attempting to boot from either of these causing this error to occur.

Verify hard disk drive properly setup in CMOS

Verify that the hard disk drive is properly setup in CMOS.

Check cables

If creating an active partition does not resolve your issue and/or fdisk does not detect a hard disk drive verify that the hard disk drive cables are properly connected.

Replace drive

Finally, if none of the above solutions resolve this error, unfortunately it is possible that the hard disk drive is bad. We recommend that you either contact the manufacturer of the hard disk drive to have it replaced and/or purchase a new hard disk drive.
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