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elny3680 07-24-04 01:01 AM

how to enable your tv to show whats on your computer?
i want to be able to play some divx files or avi files on the tv, my philips player is at my gfs house so i need an alternative. do i need to get a video card or some tv tuner?

JamesJ 07-25-04 08:31 PM

I guess there are two main options - A video card with built-in TV output or a VGA-to-TV convertor (which converts a standard computer VGA output to a TV-compatible video signal). You didn't say anything about your computer. It may already have TV output. Otherwise, look around your favorite computer part sources for video cards with TV output or external VGA-to-TV convertors. If you're not playing games or doing something else that requires a really powerful video card, you can get video cards with TV output fairly cheap.

You might try going to eBay and searching for "vga tv" (without the quotes). Even if you don't want to buy from there, it can give you an interesting cross-section of possible solutions, since there are so many different things for sale there. Wherever you look, make sure the items you're looking at convert from VGA to TV and not the other way around.

OTOH, you can also get DVD players pretty cheap these days. If what you really want is a substitute for your DVD player, it would probably be simpler, and maybe even cheaper, to just go ahead and buy another one.


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