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tjr2mental 07-12-04 12:27 PM

Where does outlook express store emails in my pc?
Ok, I have posted before about the problem with my main computer and have still not gotten it fixed. For a work around for now I took out the c: drive from my tower pc (broken one) and set it as a slave drive in my Shuttle pc. The reason that I did this was so that I could get some of the emails that my wife needs relating to work. Seems that she did not download the files on to the drive, only checked to see that the files were sent.

Problem is I can not figure out where the old emails are stored at on the old c: drive. I went to Charters site to see if they were still on the server, but it does not show any of the emails that I read before. So, what I am guessing is that outlook stores the emails on the pc. Any idea where?

Thanks once more!

tjr2mental 07-12-04 01:12 PM


Well, after tuning on all the hidden folders I located the file that stores all my old emails, but for some reason it is not showing any of them. Only thing I can think of is I did somthing worng when I tried to set up Outlook Express. Mabe put in the location of the old file to soon, and when I set up outlook it over wrote it..

Guess I am screwed now.

lxl 07-12-04 02:04 PM

right click on any mail folder and choose "properties"

Preacher 07-12-04 02:22 PM

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\some folder/Microsoft\Outlook Express

Is it in there? Please replace a few of the folder names for your computer. ;)

68ShelbyGT500KR 07-12-04 07:33 PM

For Outlook Express the locations can be found via:
Open OE To determine the location of your store, click Tools| Options| Maintenance| Store folder. Copy the entire entry in to Windows Explorer Address bar and it will come up with a bunch of .dbx files.
The Deault locations are:
For win9X
C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express\{GUID}

for Win XP
C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

On WindowsXP, the OE user files, including *.wab and *.dbx files, are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Explorer, you must enable Show Hidden Files and Folders under Start | Control Panel | Folder Options | View.

In your title you state outlook express but in the last sentence you state Outlook,.
If one computer is Outlook (pst file) and the other is Outlook Express (dbx files), I don't think you can "transfer" them. Usually work computers use Outlook not Outlook Express. Specify the Operating Systems.

If you cannot import/or get all the messages (the dbx files) that you know should be there, then advise.

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