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twikoff 07-08-04 11:37 AM

Motherboard Recommendations - P4 Northwood 1.6a
thanks to a crappy power supply.. Ive got a capacitor on my current motherboard (asus p4b266) that is about to go out on me.

of course, I overclock my machine.. my 1.6a run smoothly at 2.4, and thanks to my new heatsink and fan, it runs at 39c with a full load.

Im going to pickup a good power supply, and figure this is also a good time to grab a new mb, before this one fries.

but thanks to staying so damn busy at work lately.. Ive let myself get out of touch some with the latest technologies..

I want to be able to use all my existing peripherals (3 ata100 harddrives, pioneer dvdrw, plextor cdrw, agp video, etc..)
but also want to try and make sure I dont pass up a board that also has connections for the latest crap.. (sata, pci express, etc..)

and of course, as always, Im not looking to spend a buttload on it

oh.. and of course, it has to be decent for overclocking.. I dont mind jumpers, but prefer softmenu

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