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Exzavier00 06-29-04 08:31 PM

What program should I use to author dvds?
I got a wintv pvr 250 card which captures to mpeg2 dvd format. I have been trying to burn some shows
to dvd using Nero Vision Express and TMPEG dvd-author.
Both are giving me problems
Nero always wants to transcode the video. The settings are like high 1hr standard 2hr 3hr.
If I load my file no matter what quality setting it is on it claims to take the same space.
Also the audio is PCM (?) not dobly 2 channel. When I switch it to dobly it takes alot less space.
TMPEG also thinks the file is alot more space then it is.

What I want is a program that will just add the file it size it is. I have VHS roadtrip video to record
to dvd. I was thinking to record at the high quality with the wintv then make a DVD9 and use
dvd shrink to make it fit on dvd-r.

Is my audio incorrect that it takes alot of space it is susposedly mpeg2 384kbit


X 06-29-04 08:45 PM

If you already have MPEG-2 I suggest looking at Ulead VideoStudio. It's one of only two programs that I could get to handle files recorded in MPEG-2 (DVD) format by my tuner card and recognize that my files didn't need to be transcoded.

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