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CPU Speed detecting incorrectly. HELP!

Old 06-07-04, 08:29 PM
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CPU Speed detecting incorrectly. HELP!

I recently fixed up a friends Compaq Desktop computer which seemed to need a motherboard replacement. After I got the motherboard direct from Compaq, I realised the CPU wasn't working either. So I got a new one (AMD Athlon 2600+) from a retail store since dealing with Compaq directly with the motherboard seemed to be a nightmare.

But now, after fitting the new CPU with the new motherboard the BIOS only detects the CPU as an Athlon 2000+. Both old and new CPU's were 2600+ but the original was brown and the new one was green.
The BIOS doesn't have any options to change the frequency or multiplier, and this was confirmed to me by Compaq tech support. Their answer to the problem was, 'Well you should have bought the CPU from us.' The motherboard seems to be locked at 233Mhz with PC2100 RAM. If I put faster RAM in the comptuer what's the chance of the motherboard following suite and running faster? I'm guessing that the locked multiplier on the new CPU is different from the original. But I haven't dealt with overclocking more recent CPU's so I don't know for sure.
There are no BIOS updates on the Compaq website but I might try doing a Google search for the motherboard part and try to find an update elsewhere. There are no brand markings on the motherboard.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated since me and my friends have never come across a motherboard that wouldn't let you change these settings.
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Old 06-07-04, 10:37 PM
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I doubt it is "detecting" incorrectly. More likely, you set the bios to run at a slower speed.
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Old 06-07-04, 10:42 PM
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There were two versions of the 2600+, one that ran at 266mhz FSB and one at 333 mhz FSB. The 266 version was fairly limited supply, and generally the only ones you can buy are the 333 version. I'm guessing the old one was 266 and your new one is 333. Without the ability to change it manually on the motherboard, there's a slim chance you could use a program in Windows that can up the FSB, like Speedfan.
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Old 06-08-04, 05:30 PM
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Speedfan you say?
Hmmm.. I'll have to try that.
I haven't changed the BIOS settings though. As I said, there is no setting in the BIOS to change the FSB.
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