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Rain Man 06-03-04 11:39 PM

problem with DVI connection
OK - just got a new 19" LCD.. only problem is when I hook it up w/ DVI the screen acts all funky.. like it shakes for a sec up and down or left and right.. the entire screen dims down than back up real quick.. or sometimes just shuts off entirely and turns back on in 1-2 secs.. This happens more often when doing video card-intensive stuff. I tried reinstalling the display drivers, checking and unchecking 2 settings for DVI corrupt displays in the Catalyst drivers, using another DVI cable, and another monitor (same exact model). The screen is fine when I use the old school 15 pin VGA cable... The monitor is an AG Neovo E-19A and my video card is a Radeon 9600.

shaun3000 06-03-04 11:59 PM

Does it work fine after this? Many LCDs have an auto adjust feature where they readjust themselves whenever they detect a new resolution. This usually involves shaking, color changes, and the screen dimming or getting brighter.

Rain Man 06-04-04 12:27 AM

Yeah it has an auto-adjust but it only operates in analog mode. And the shaking and everything is pretty constant.. if I'm just browsing the web it'll shake, turn on and off, etc.. though I noticed it tends to turn on and off when switching windows and it also goes nuts more often when playing games.

Rain Man 07-08-04 01:50 AM

Well I got a another video card and all was good, except after a few weeks, the same symptoms started popping up.. could some component like the mobo or power supply be messing up the video card? AGP voltage is at 1.55v, and nothing is overclocked.

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