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El Scorcho 05-28-04 04:48 PM

Unusual downloading problem
Browsers used: IE 6.0, Netscape 7
Operating system: XP Pro
CPU: PIII, 700 MHz
RAM: 128 MB

Problem: Large file downloads freeze and do not continue anywhere from 5-10 MB. For instance, downloading Nero 6 (27 MB), it would stop at 7 MB. Next try it would stop at 6 MB. Next try it would stop at 9 MB.

Problem also occured when downloading movie trailers from yahoo and a windows media player update (9.66 MB). All files under 2MB download without issue.

No errors are generated on screen. Download dialogue box just stops showing that it is downloading.

Any ideas?

Ruled out so far: ISP noise margins/issues

El Scorcho 05-29-04 02:02 PM

anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

mikehunt 05-29-04 02:38 PM

try something like getright?
reinstall the tcp/ip protocols, if that can be done in xp

Preacher 05-29-04 06:36 PM

If yu are willing to try Mozilla for a browser maybe some setting is botched in those 2 browsers you are using. I find Mozilla easier to use for downloads and it also comes with less additions, unless you want them, and it may avoid the same problem. Plus it is a better browser. ;)

Drexl 05-30-04 09:33 AM

The only thing I can think of, if you're sure it's not an ISP issue, is that the drive the files are being downloaded to is running out of space. I'm not talking about the folder you tell it to save it to, as the file will temporarily be saved somewhere else and then be moved to the folder you specify when it finishes. I think this would be in your browser's cache. If you're running out of space on the partition where this is located, the file may stop downloading.

How much space do you have on your hard drive, particulary in the partition where your browser's cache is located?

El Scorcho 05-30-04 09:22 PM

Not a drive size issue. There's 15 GB free.

belboz 05-30-04 09:26 PM

I hate those commercial "download accelerators". They either charge too much money for something that should be free, or they're riddled with adware/spyware.

Use WGET. It's free and flexible/powerful. It's command line, so it's not as convenient as right-click/save, but for large http file transfers, it can't be beat since its resume feature has always worked flawlessly. I wouldn't download anything larger than 100MB without it.

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