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Old 05-06-04, 03:46 PM   #1
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Dvd Burner Question

I am so ignorant about DVD burners. I would like to get a new computer with burner for hubby for Father's Dad, but I do not know the difference in these:
and there is another one that is DVD with the + on top of the - RW

He just wants to make additional copies of DVDs he has.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cannot ask him and still keep this a secret.
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Old 05-06-04, 03:51 PM   #2
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Most burners nowadays are +/-
That's the safest bet.

Otherwise, I don't think there's much of a difference b/w getting a + or - burner.

Something about how disks made with one are more compatible with stand alone dvd players than disks made with the other. (I think - is more compatible than +, but i'm probably wrong)

other people here will give you more insight into which is better, but get one that does both if you can and you won't have to worry about it.
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Old 05-06-04, 05:22 PM   #3
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that pretty much covers it

- and + are two different standards.. noone knows which one will end up winning.. but its safe to say that they will both be around for awhile.. research says - is slightly more compatible than +
but youll always have your + guys that disagree
also, there is different prices for the - and + media

right now, + is first to jump onto the dual layer market.. which helps them out.. but - will most likely be right behind (if they havent already developed)

a -/+ does both.. so you dont have to make the decision.. and should cost about the same price as an independent of either.. so really, better safe than sorry
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Old 05-06-04, 08:28 PM   #4
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Dual format seems to be the going thing now, but I prefer - myself, they seem to have a better compatibility than my experience anyway.
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Old 05-10-04, 07:57 PM   #5
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I just got my Sony DRX-530UL, and experimented a bit. I burned a DVD movie from an image to a +R disc and a -R disc. The -R would not play on my laptop (about 3 years old), nor my older model Pioneer DVD player. It would play on my newer Toshiba DVD player. The same image burned to a +R disc played fine on all of them. Hardly a conclusive test, but just my 2 cents.
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