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X 02-23-04 05:38 PM

Is there a taskbar rearrangement program?
Seems I'm just full of questions lately. But since I've been seeing some pretty good answers too, I though I'd ask another one.

I find I'm tending to keep more and more stuff open and I'd like to be able to organize and prioritize by where the task is placed on the taskbar. Is there a program or method (other than closing and reopening) of rearranging the programs shown on the taskbar?

Einsatz 02-23-04 06:20 PM

I'd be intersted in this, too. At first I hoped for the feature in Win2k, then I was hoping XP would have it. I guess I'll have to keep my hopes high for Longhorn.
I wish the tabs in Firefox would work the same way!

Shazam 02-23-04 06:32 PM


I'm mulling writing one where you could just drag and drop the tasks in the taskbar.

X 02-23-04 07:21 PM

Thanks, Shazam!

It's pretty crude, but it does the job! :up:

matome 02-24-04 04:44 PM

Nice little app!

JNielsen 02-25-04 10:01 AM

I've been useing a little program called WatchCat for a couple of years.


Does the job for me, but I am going to check out Taskbar Organizer.

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